Champion Foods Pure Cane Sugar

Sugar for Global Consumption

Champion Foods is a family owned and operated leading Brazilian sugar supplier that has successfully been in business for over 25 years. Founded in New Orleans, Champion Foods services national and international customers, providing sugar delivery for a diverse clientele, which include industrial manufacturers, retail grocery, hotels, and cruise lines. Renowned for their superior reputation, Champion Foods specializes in hard to find dry good products, which are available in various sizes and packaging making their products customizable for all your business needs.

Why Brazilian Sugar

Brazil is the world’s leading sugar producer accounting for nearly 25 percent of global production and 50 percent of world exports. Sugarcane is a plant, which grows best in warm temperate or tropical regions such as Brazil, making it one of the world’s finest qualities of sugar. In food production, this notion becomes paramount as premium ingredients can positively enhance the taste of manufactured products.

How Champion Can Help You

Champion Foods is one of the world’s most established exporters of Brazilian sugar and is able to offer multiple pack sizes for all of our customers needs. We are experienced in Brazilian sugar supplying and able to assist both domestic and international customers to secure quality sugar and offer our clients the lowest rates for this product. Champion Food’s own name or under a customer’s private label. Additionally, Champion Foods advanced technology system can monitor your company’s sugar inventory to ensure your products are always available for purchase and food product use.

We Conform to ICUMSA Standards

The Brazilian sugar we supply our clients is of the highest quality and is consistent with ICUMSA standards. ICUMSA is the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis and publishes detailed laboratory procedures for the analysis of sugar.  ICUMSA sets standards of a variety of factors, including polarization, ash content, moisture, solubility, radiation exposure, color, and granulation, to determine the grade of sugar.

Brazilian Sugar Supplier

ICUMSA 45 is Refined Sugar and is the highest grade available.

Polarization: 99.80% Min
Ash content: 0.04% Max
Moisture: 0.04% Max
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: Sparkling White
Granulation: Fine

ICUMSA 100 is Cane Sugar and is a lower grade than ICUMSA 45.

Polarization: 99.50% Min
Ash content: 0.15% Max
Moisture: 0.10% Max
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: White
Granulation: Fine

ICUMSA 600-1200 is Raw Brown Cane Sugar and is the lowest grade available.

Polarization: 96.00% Min
Ash content: 0.09% Max
Moisture: 0.09% Max
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: Brown
Granulation: Fine

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Champion Foods prides themselves on being a superior sugar supplier with the objective of exceeding expectations and providing customers with exceptional service and sustainable products through our vertically integrated business model of obtaining Brazilian sugar directly from the source and providing it to our clients. If you have questions on how Champion Foods can help your business, contact us today.