Champion Foods

About Us

Leading Food Distribution Company: Champion Foods

Operating for over 25 years, nationally and internationally, Champion Foods has been the number one food supplier for retail grocers and food services. Founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, Champion Foods is proud to service the Gulf of Mexico marine and petroleum industries with their superior service and products in Louisiana and the Gulf South. Other customers who also benefit from Champion Foods distribution services include the following: food service distributors, industrial manufacturers, retail grocery, offshore catering, ship chandlers, and cruise lines.

Innovative Distribution Technology

Renowned as a quality food provider, Champion Foods has built a reputation for premium products with their innovative food distribution centers that utilize some of the industry’s most advanced technology amongst food distribution companies, which result in maximizing the quality of their products and shelf-life for customers while exceeding industry standards. Providing freshness and valued products to processors, distributors, retailers, and other institutions throughout the United States and Internationally, Champion Foods has the capability to produce anything from top grade frozen vegetables preserved at their peak, to pre-made appetizers, sugar and a variety of canned goods.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Businesses, such as restaurants, retail manufacturers and food distributors can appreciate the benefits and services Champion Foods can provide for them, frequently saving companies time and money. Through scheduled delivery services, products can be shipped directly to stores, eliminating for customers the time and energy associated with procuring the food products themselves. Additionally, inventory rates are better controlled, as we are able to help improve the rate of purchases with product availability while simultaneously reducing out of stock concerns, both of these benefits lead to an increase in a company’s profitability. Our highly developed software technology also works to monitor profitable items and can advise on inventory planning which can reduce costly errors.

Your Best Choice for Premium Food Products

Champion Foods is committed to becoming the consumer’s top choice as a food distributor. Though rapidly expansion, Champion Foods is dedicated to seeking ways to improve their partnerships and surpass the expectations of their most demanding customers, while maintaining the quality of their products and improving the integrity and reputation of each company they service. Contact us to learn more.